Why Us?

  1. Why Us?

The goal at Future Windows has always been to deliver products and services that represent both exceptional quality and fantastic value for money. To do this we’ve scoured the globe, searching for the best hardware, the finest technicians, and the latest technology.

Global Innovations, Local Know-how

Our commitment to delivering you the best sees us utilising profiles from Germany, hardware from Austria and glass from New Zealand. Combined with local manufacture and in-depth understanding of the local environment the outcome is a range of window and door solutions which look stunning and offer genuine advantages when it comes to heating, noise insulation, and security.

Exceptional Results Through Collaboration

We’re fixated on the highest standards, staking our reputation on the durability and performance of the products we sell. We build strong relationships with the clients, builders and architects we work alongside by taking the time to really listen to your needs and providing a single-point of contact from quotation through to installation and after-sales follow-up.

Delivering The Best

We stand behind each and every item we produce, while our in-house team of highly-skilled installers ensure the end result is in keeping with the exacting standards that underpin everything we do. Proudly Christchurch-based, we’re committed to bringing the world’s finest windows and doors systems to the residential and commercial clients throughout 
New Zealand.